Repeal the embargo against Cuba

Cuban Americans for Engagement (CAFE) wishes to express our gratitude to President Obama, officials of the U.S. State Department, and all congressional offices who were active in the historic steps taken towards the re-establishment of relations between the United States and Cuba announced on December 17th, 2014.  This change in course has been an encouraging victory for those who seek engagement with the island. CAFE will continue to provide and, expand, a space where the diversity of opinion that exists within the Cuban American community can be shared and strengthened by our partners, friends, and neighbors from all stripes of America.

 The usual supporters for continuing the morally bankrupt policy of embargo have, predictably, been trying to say that they speak for the Cuban American electorate as a whole. It has been our mission, together with other groups, to inform the general public and government officials of the evidence of an ever-growing majority of the community in Miami and elsewhere who are not in favor of continuing the embargo.

 We, thank President Barack Obama for unlocking the chains of the past by seeking the prisoner exchanges and announcing steps towards normalizing relations with Cuba. We ask the president to remain steadfast in his support for normalizing relations and repealing the Helms-Burton Act as he stated in the State of the Union address this past January.

 We, exhort the United States Department of State to expedite any and all investigations pertaining to the continuation of the designation of the Republic of Cuba as a State Sponsor of Terrorism and, theretofore, recommend to the president the removal of said nation from this list and implement its removal.

 We, exhort the US State Department to eliminate programs under the direction of USAID directed specifically towards regime change in Cuba.

 We, ask the members of Congress to provide the appropriations necessary to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba, including funds for embassies, consulates, diplomatic corps, etc.

 We implore our representatives in the 114th Congress to support calls for the repeal of:

  1.    the Cuban Democracy Act of 1992,

2.    the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (LIBERTAD) Act of 1996,

3.    the prohibition under the Food Security Act of 1985 against allocation of the annual sugar quota to any country unless its officials verify that it does not import for reexport to the United States any sugar produced in Cuba,

4.    Prohibition, regulation or banning of travel to and from Cuba by U.S. citizens or residents, or of any transactions incident to travel.

            A new age of relations between the U.S. and Cuba is dawning and we hope that our elected officials will take bold steps in eliminating barriers that are standing in the way of true normalization. All US citizens, Cuban Americans or otherwise, are welcome in signing on with CAFE and sending this message to those who have the power to change our policy with Cuba.

Respectfully ,

Cuban Americans for Engagement, CAFE

Benjamin Willis, New York, NY

Dr. Maria Isabel Alfonso, New York, NY

Arturo Lopez Levy, Denver, CO

Jorge de Armas, Miami Beach, FL

Ernesto Cabo, Alexandria, VA

Jhon Cores , Raleigh, NC

Raul Morejon, West Palm Beach, FL


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