Dr Kevin Spelman, of the University of Maryland, is in Havana


A keynote speech by U.S. doctor Kevin Spelman, of the University of Maryland, will characterize today”s sessions of the International Scientific Congress, CNIC 2015.

This specialist in medicinal plant researches and consultant for the natural products industry in the United States will give a lecture as part of the symposium on natural products of the forum.

The meeting, running at the Havana’s Conference Center, marks the 50th anniversary of CNIC, an institution dedicated to research, development and commercialization of products and services on natural, bio-medical and technological sciences.

About 300 researchers from more than 60 Cuban institutions and 250 experts from at least 30 countries are attending this congress.

The event includes the Symposium of Natural Products, focused on chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, clinic assessment of medicines, and nutritional supplements of natural origin.

The Seventh International Symposium on Environment, the Fourth Symposium on Infectious Diseases and Vaccines, and the Eighth International Symposium of Medical Application of Ozone, are also on the list.

The second edition of the International Symposium on Technological Surveillance and the Second Workshop on Scientometric Studies will be held.

Also included are the international workshops on Finished Pharmaceutical Forms and Industrial Processes, Innovation and Knowledge Management, and the contest on Scientific Cinema and Video, Videociencia 2015.


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  1. lisandra borrero

    Please I need to get comunication with Kevin Spelman the american cientific


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